Company History

A Background on Total Control Security and our Products

The history of the company starts in the year 2000 when Ralph Lucas and his son in laws Levi Wynnyk and Kyle Suntjens had a meeting in Red deer to discuss starting a new company. Together they had a dream. They all loved technology and have a keen interest in Home Automation, Surveillance and Security. The security industry, while established, was changing quickly with introduction of the internet and Digital technologies. Their passion for this technology meant that from early on, they were offering the most advanced security solutions on the market. They were one of the first companies offering Remote viewing on cameras from a desktop computer. We take it for granted now, but Total Control was around when this was brand new technology. As time went on, the company thrived because of strong relationships with their customers that were formed through hard work and excellent service. As new technologies emerged over the next 2 decades, Total Control always made sure to be investing in R&D so we could provide our customers with the best solutions available at the time. Total Control has evolved to become an industry leader in Security and the #1 Video Surveillance and Access Control company in Central Alberta. We have the finest installers in the industry. We have an impeccable safety record and we never sub contract work out. We are passionate about the solutions we offer and we care about the security of our customers.