Digital Video Surveillance Systems

Total Control Security has been installing quality Digital Surveillance Systems since the year 2000. We are committed to offering our customers the latest in technology. Our surveillance systems have been responsible for catching thousands of crimes over the years. We have become a leader in our field and employee the best installers in Alberta. If you are looking for a Video Surveillance system for your Home, Acreage, Farm, or Business we have a customizable solution that will work for you.

Recording and Streaming Technology

 Built-in motion detection

Our recorders can be setup to only record 24/7 when there is motion. This saves storage space and cuts down on playback time because you only have to watch the "action". The motion detection and the sensitivity can be configured individually for each camera. Making can be applied to an area you do not want to trigger the motion detection like a busy road or waving tree. Together these provide a reliable and efficient detection system.

 Live stream and Playback

With a Total Control Surveillance system, you can access your live cameras or playback the recordings from any device: a Smart Phone, Tablet/iPad, Laptop, or PC. You can even control your yard security system and trigger a Siren and strobe light from an app on your phone

 Realtime text and email alerts

Our recorders can alert you, in real time when there is a security breech. At Total Control we believe in preventative security solutions. By strategically placing commercial grade photobeams and/or motion sensors on your property, a siren and strobe light can be triggered to deter would-be thieves, while simultaneously sending out pictures to your smartphone.

High Definition Surveillance Cameras